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The Importance of an MSP

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Managed Service Provider — or MSP as we like to call it, is an external third-party company that provides IT support to various types of organization – all from medical offices to construction companies and so on.

An MSP can provide a great range of services and products, including IT help-desk, remote monitoring and management, back-up and disaster recovery, telecom services, cloud services and migration, among other things.

In the modern workplace technology is moving fast and becoming the leading foundation of businesses everywhere. Many companies only have the support of an internal IT support team or even just one “tech guy” which can mean most of the time they are not equipped to keep up with the pace of innovation and can find themselves being reactive rather than proactive.

Frequently, the infrastructure will be outdated and ill-equipped to manage the demands of a growing business in the digital world. If you have ever thought of the idea of outsourcing your managed services to a third-party but found yourself to be concerned about costs and current IT structure, now is the time to rethink your IT situation.

There are numerous advantages to partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), especially if you’re using a system like Microsoft Dynamics 365. IT solutions mean services that maximize your company efficiency and leave your clients happy. One of the biggest concerns business managers and owners have Is that notion that their organization is not big enough to warrant an IT support team – even if most of them have been experiencing IT and tech problems.

As your technology needs to evolve over time, you’ll need to scale your system either up or down to accommodate these changes. Systems like Dynamics 365 are highly scalable by design, but you may still require assistance in provisioning and administering these systems. MSP's can respond to changes in demand in real time, so you never have to worry about system downtime.

One of the benefits of managed services is that it not only frees up your employees to focus on the jobs they were hired to do — it also enables you to fill in gaps as needed. A truly qualified managed services partner will offer a flexible service model that allows you to determine what level of service you require, whether that means just keeping the blinking lights on or outsourcing your company’s entire IT department.

Why Every Company Needs IT Support?

Hiring IT Support is an investment that can help mitigate continuous expensive repairs/replacements and sketchy software purchases. An MSP can help insulate you and your company for encountering fees or unexpected costs, with many flexible rates available to fit any budget. In addition to that, one other clear benefit of managed services is that it lowers labor costs and eliminates the cost of hiring and training new IT staff.

Investing in tech support means choosing financial security in an area that is increasingly an expensive aspect of businesses today.

It’s important to support your company data with reliable backup systems and the best cyber-security possible. Working with an MSP you can rest assured that the expertise of security and disaster recovery planning is right for your company. Working together and implementing a proper plan makes for less severe disasters.

With a tech support team, you’ll ensure that your clients are receiving the service they require and expect. This may include perfect wireless internet connections, seamless software use, and easily managed phone lines. You’ll also be able to streamline any client communication by having IT assistance. With in-house technology assistance, your business has the potential to drastically increase its customer service ratings. It will also continue to build its reputation as a reliable and professional company.

An IT support team can bring new and more cutting-edge technologies to the fore that can maximize your company’s potential. You’ll spend less valuable personal time researching new technologies to implement into your business and more time working with ones already chosen for you by a professional outsourced team.

Also, new technology means new problems — problems that your existing IT team might not have the experience to solve. Managing and monitoring your systems whether in the cloud or onsite, can require significant internal resources but with the help of an outsourced IT solution managing and monitoring can be handled effectively.

The goal of is to seek further areas for expansion and growth – and with an MSP you will be able to receive IT solutions, advice and education in a timely manner.

You can bypass technology worries by investing in IT support. Let professionals take care of any IT issues that arise. Peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits of hiring IT professionals to offer technology solutions for your company.

Technology itself can improve your business’s efficiency. It can also decrease your business’s efficiency due to consistent issues, bugs, and confusions if you don’t have the right support team.

Tech support ensures that the usual efficiency that comes from using technology is maximized. With a dedicated support team, you can use technology to reach company targets and identify areas for expansion more quickly.

When you invest in IT support, you are likely investing in highly efficient service that strives to give you the best return possible. Your current IT solution may able to handle some the increased workload due to lack of IT support but will most likely find themselves overwhelmed and unable to scale according to your business’ needs and can distract from core business objectives.

Every company’s technology needs are different. With a professional technical support team, you are guaranteed to receive customized service that is tailored to how your company operates and what it needs. They will be able to identify your needs and provide immediate solutions as to how to meet them.

Specialized service means that you get what you pay for, and more.

You may think that IT guys are just for big companies. Think again, because there are numerous benefits to having on-site professional IT support for your business, no matter your company size or type. IT support can keep your business competitive. It can also save you money over time and streamline your goals.

Keep in mind that as your business grows, so will your IT needs. With an MSP, you never need to worry about availability because most MSP's offer 24/7 flexibility, on-call options, and weekend support.

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