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MSP x Internal IT

Nowadays, owning a business – no matter the size or sector – means that you rely on some type of technology. As your company evolves you will need more and different types of technology to stay competitive. That’s when a well-planned IT Structure is crucial, and you may find yourself asking:

Often there is no right answer, the right decision comes from knowing your company’s specific needs and demands.

A list of items to consider when deciding what level of IT support is right for you and your business could be helpful for the decision ahead of you.

But what to consider when choosing between an Internal Team and Outsourcing? If you’re still deciding between an internal team and outsourcing, it’s important to understand your organization’s needs. Here’s a list of things you might want to consider:

Whether you join forces with an MSP or keep your IT in-house, it’s important to make the right decision after a careful assessment. To help you even more here is some benefits applied when having an MSP.

After all, is an MSP the right choice for your business?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to deciding the future of your company, only you can know. Nonetheless we will always advise or recommend an MSP, not only for obvious reasons, but also because the scalability, low-cost, provided expertise and a wide array of support offered by managed services providers make them the best choice for nearly all businesses. From small startups with low budgets to large enterprises that need top-of-the-line security from the best in the business, IT services that are handled by MSPs consistently rate higher and provide more satisfaction to their clients.

Managed service providers are the most recommended solution for meeting the needs of most modern, growing organizations. However, that’s not to say that in-house IT departments should be completely replaced. Combining the knowledge of in-house IT with the expertise of outsourced MSPs it could create a symbiotic relationship that ends up benefitting the business.

With that in mind, remember that having an in-house IT staff doesn’t mean it’s not smart to also partner with a managed service provider. There are many situations where supplementing your in-house staff with a managed service provider can work greatly to your benefit. An MSP can simply fill the gaps to give your IT team time to focus on strategic projects.

Even companies that do their own server infrastructure, for example, will outsource other tasks such as network and VoIP. When you outsource your IT services to the right MSP, you get full access to experts in many different fields, rather than having to depend on the knowledge of a few internal employees.

Finally, outsourcing is particularly attractive for companies that don’t have specialized business requirements in terms of concerns such as workstations, antivirus and anti-malware software, Wi-Fi connectivity, and server infrastructure. Experienced MSPs have worked with many clients like your own company and can easily get you up and running.

Do you want to know more about our services as an MSP, and how we can help your company? Contact us here.



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