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Microsoft Teams

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business and giving more functionality to Teams, take a look on how this will improve your employees and company daily operations.

Microsoft really wanted to tap into the chat applications market when it developed Teams. Teams is a cloud-based chat app that combines the functionalities of Slack and Office 365 into a single platform that can even integrate more than 150 third-party applications for increased productivity. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business have always had some overlap when it comes to functionality. This has prompted some businesses to choose one solution over another. That is changing, however: Skype for Business is coming to Microsoft Teams.

Will it change the way you do business?

This change is here to improve the way you conduct your day-to-day business. Companies are going to see an improvement in their Microsoft Teams feature set and they are encouraged to transition to Microsoft Teams for a more robust platform.

Skype for Business was designed to primarily support voice calls and video conferencing, though there were some strong chat features as well. Skype for Business was able to offer video conferencing calls that could support up to 250 people. Comparatively, Microsoft Teams was designed as an all-around collaborative platform, offering chat, voice, and calling features. Skype for Business could be seen as a more niche tool.

Microsoft Teams will ultimately incorporate the functions of Skype for Business, in a single collaborative platform. This new integration is simply going to bring more of Skype's functionality into the Microsoft Teams platform. This makes it much easier for businesses to manage their collaborative software solutions. The bonus is that when Microsoft Teams is used with the advanced features of Microsoft Office 365, a complete collaboration environment can be created. Companies will no longer need to use Skype for Business or other specialized applications.

With that in mind here’s a list of some features for Teams over Skype:

On top of all that Teams can be used as a full Phone System, with Microsoft Phone System License & additional Calling plans. Contact us to see if Teams is right for you.

How can Teams transform the way your employees interact?

Teams introduces a considerably different approach to the way most organizations function. Beyond how groups communicate, Teams shapes how they organize and govern themselves, and how they manage, control, and collaborate on their content. Microsoft’s continuing investment in Teams means a growing list of functionalities that enable and empower your people:

And a better employee experience awaits as some other features can help your staff better network among themselves:

Even though Microsoft will continue to support Skype for Business into 2021, organizations that want to make the most of their Microsoft investment should begin considering a strategic implementation of Teams now to a have a smoother transition.

Do you have experience with Microsoft Teams? Tell us what you like about Teams!



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